1. Good stuff, home automation is a great project employing all a makers skills. I have been using MQTT, i wonder have you tried it?


    • jeff

      I did some stuff with MQTT at an IOT workshop I attended a few months ago. For my project though, I am sending data to my web app from the Spark using a GET request. The web app then sends the data to the MySQL database.

  2. Saw this:
    “Due to my Mechanical Engineerness, my electronics hardware work should be hidden from the light of day.”
    and almost spit coffee all over my workstation, lol

    Great project! I love the idea of using an old iPhone as a display/control.

  3. What happens if/when your Raspberry Pi fails? I’ve got nine of them running 24 seven monitoring things around my house and it seems like there’s always at least one of them down for some reason or other.

    • jeff

      I am curious if your raspberry pi fails or if your code fails? Exceptions in my code were the only problems I ever experienced. The Pi itself has never messed up. Now, I have built in exception handling to make sure that the daemon controlling the thermostat never stops running. If for some reason something is not working right on the Pi, my web page (which is hosted on a different machine) will display a message saying so. Then I could ssh into the Pi and reboot it. However, this has not happened at all in the month that I have been up and running.

  4. John Sturgess

    Any further updates with this? I’ve got multiple Pi nodes writing temperature data to MySQL but would like more details on setting up schedules and target temperatures.

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